Wednesday, 25 September 2019


We live in an age of technological genius, each one of us walks around with a supercomputer in our pocket that can access the depths of human knowledge... and we have social media platforms that can bridge the gap between culture, race, religion and gender, around the world.

And yet, we are not edified, we are not constructive, with our most precious moments usually wasted upon posting fish lipped selfies and photographing our lunch!

There doesn't seem to be any part of mainstream or alternative society that is exempt from the screeching, gullible, virtue signalling tsunami of pseudo morality and beliefs, that have possessed the weak-minded in every corner of the globe.

Sadly, cryptozoology and the paranormal are not immune to this infectious moth-eaten philosophy, that eats through our social fabric with acerbic vitriol and a pitiless mob-like, hang em high, mantra!

Hence, we regularly find ourselves engaged in fights to the death, over facebook conversation starters and stoning the apostate, who foolishly asserts that the world is indeed round, or that, it is not uncommon for forests to be filled with sticks,
that are not placed there by bigfoot...

So, what to do with this societal impasse, this checkmate muddle that we find ourselves in, torn between stating fact or losing friends, in this made-up, hotchpotch, ad hoc, gumbo, crypto-religious, gifting, mind speak, make a wish, moronic, hairy man, parabnormal cult???

I find myself looking back at some of the mentalists I have entertained along this journey and ask myself this stinging question - are we fools? Are we too eager to believe the improbable and reticent to critique the most questionable of characters in our pursuit of this passion?

Perhaps not unexpectedly,  what I've discovered along this journey is that people can lie, convincingly, with great emotion and even belief in the deception they're selling. And, if we as researchers believe their testimony, without recourse to scrutiny and without discrimination, are we not then complicit in their lies?

Life is complicated and otherwise good-natured persons can suffer from unfortunate maladies, that would break the strongest among us. Some of these unfortunate impediments can exhibit themselves in delusional or attention-seeking behaviour, of the most elaborate and imaginative description. Wholly obvious and fallacious to those engaged in more rigid disciplines; but, tantalising to those who inhabit our fringe world.

To those of you who suffer, I feel your pain, but the time to give the benefit of the doubt has passed, the dross is being cleared away and a new breed of scientific seeker, is being birthed and prepared to objectively critique this world of the unnormal.

So, please remember! The next time you click on that blurry photo, stare a hole through one of those red circles or donate to some peer per view, patreon should first ask yourself this question...

Are we morons??????

Written by Andrew McGrath

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