Friday, 30 August 2019


I was sadly unsurprised by the cult-like, defensive response to a recent blog I published, asking the question, 'Is Cryptozoology a Cult?' In this blog I merely painted cryptozoology as being a faith outside of the mainstream religion (science), in which followers often show a zealous desire to believe, over the more practical, yet less fulfilling desire, to critique.
'Patty and friends, traditional handmade,
forest furniture line'

After reading peoples responses and reactions over a variety of topical cryptozoology pages, I was reluctantly able to split my detractors into two neat camps:

1. People who read the blog, but were unable to see the irony in mounting such a faith-based defence to my charge

2. People who did not read the blog, but again commented from a position of 'defending the faith', as it were!

Now, I have spoken to many witnesses and researchers over the years and I do believe that many of the sightings and evidence they report are real. Yet, I think that in our current cryptozoology climate, the demand for evidence has become much greater than the available supply, and that, for the most part, people are clutching at straws. This can be seen in the common tendency people have to become defensive when one happens to shine a light on the hole in their world!

The propensity we have to attribute bushcraft to bigfoot and bow waves to dragons is only matched in its absurdity by our seeking blurry faces in bushes and blaming the big man for our missing apples!

For example, I was once shown some commercially packaged bigfoot hair, a friend had purchased online for $5; that was 'DNA tested' and '100% certified' and I was reminded of a visit I paid to a catholic gift shop in Jerusalem, where they were selling 'fingernails of Christ'. I remember looking at the wall of relics and thinking, "What a miracle that Our Lord managed to make his nail clippings stretch so far... like the feeding of the 5000, only with... fingernails???"

These wicker men, these stick fanciers, hot on the trail of forest fall and baby bushcrafters, like Black Friday anarchists, seeking out a killer deal on 'Patty and friends, traditional handmade, forest furniture line'; cannot be reasoned with or dissuaded from their happy hunt. They are joined by a mob, formerly contented with seeing shapes in cumolo, who now pedal a new form of cryptozoological charlatanry, not unlike the tailors in the 'Emperors New Clothes'; wherein, only the wise and gifted can see the cryptid creatures hiding in plain sight, in their blurred and muddy photos!"

We must remember that the one thing that all rare creatures have in common, is that they are rarely seen! In the case of cryptozoology, this is in itself a prima facie principle, that cannot be opposed, unless, through the discovery of evidence to the contrary, it is proven false! This means that a significant percentage of the 'evidence' (both anecdotal and physical) that has flooded the market, cannot be genuine and is, in fact, our very own form of 'cryptocurrency', used to grease the wheels with likes and shares. 

It is this fact that causes me the most concern, when observing the leniency in rules and criteria that we employ, to test the faith of our beloved disciples, in their witness of this hidden world. 

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